Max Tannahill - High Tide

24th January - 10th February 2018

Max Tannahill's exciting solo exhibition uses materials that many would ignore and simply walk past. Sourcing materials entails a lot of walking along shorelines in Essex and aboard and results in the discovery of hidden gems which, with the artist's keen eye and endless imagination, are transormed into fun, exciting and intelligent sculptures.

Max's sculptures vary enormously in size from small individual flat fish to 4 metre long installations of shoals of fish swimming alongside boat remnants. Newer works feature a variety of animals including Whales and Toucans. Lead and copper are sometimes incorporated into the sculptures he creates. His world is essentially simple; imagined, and governed to a large extent by the constraints of the material.

For more information on this upcoming exhibition, please contact or call 02079353595.

Max Tannahill: High Tide at Thompson's Gallery