Simon Bacon & Joe Hargan: Out of this World

Thompson's Gallery proudly presents 'Out of this World', a dual exhibition combining the
expressionist figurative sculpture of Simon Bacon with the imaginative 2D universe of
painter Joe Hargan. Both artists have made careers of pushing the boundaries of figuration
within their respective mediums. Bacon engages with spirals of construction and
deconstruction to create one-off figures posing questions of the human body, its capabilities
for movement, and comparison of material versus immaterial existence. Hargan imbues the
lavish interiors of stately homes with layers of complexity, staging near-impossible
narratives enacted by a familiar cast of characters. The resulting effect is a sensation of
incredulity and amusement, compounded by the deftness of Hargan's paintbrush.
Combining Bacon's sculptural pursuit of the 'out of body' with Hargan's 'out of place'
paintings sparks the imagination, mind, and eye. From the overlap between two very
different creators emerges an exhibition which challenges, inspires, and is truly Out of this

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Out of This World - Joe Hargan & Simon Bacon at Thompson's Gallery