Thompson`s Gallery are proud to present a new collection of paintings by Paul Wright.

The idea of a `painter`s painter` is an elusive notion; it encompasses something about the vitality, sustained investigation and evolution of a painterly gesture that is admirable to other practitioners of the medium. Such painters, Velazquez is a good example, embody a joy in the engagement with the physical nature of their medium simultaneously with the act of making an image. This often manifests itself in the distance from which the painting is viewed. Seen from afar the image is appreciable as a whole but standing in the `makers position`, at arm’s length or closer, the image begins to break up. The emphatic gestures that embody artist`s decisions can be viewed; the vibrancy and movement of making is evident for all, spelled out on the canvas. With this in mind, it is hard to find a painter who does not express excitement about the handling of paint in Paul`s recent work.

Caught by the Light by Wright, Paul