15th May - 2nd June 2013

An exhibition of new paintings by renowned artist, Tony de Wolf

Tony de Wolf is recognised for his mastery with paint in the depiction still-life compositions. Whether it is paintings of deliciously ripe fruit and vegetables, the texture of fabric, or the reflective surfaces of glass bottles and silver, de Wolf is unparalleled in his eye for detail. Most crucially, de Wolf follows the traditional art form of still life and endows it with something fresh. His meticulous technique and eye for detail recall the Flemish tradition - his crisp lines and smooth contours effusing the works with a modern glow.

As a young student de Wolf greatly admired the Dutch Old Master paintings and began copying them as a means of studying and learning how to paint in the still life tradition. After seven years of painting classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp he was given the opportunity to study the 17th Century techniques under the private guidance of Willem Dolphyn, the great Antwerp classical painter. Learning these painting techniques, he created a solid foundation upon which to develop his own distinctive style. His work reflects a combination of the still life tradition and his admiration for the coolness of the great Morandi paintings. His compositions are purposely kept simple and quiet and the beauty of his carefully chosen pottery, glass and fruit reflect a mood of peace and harmony.

In the last year, De Wolf has developed his skill further and has now introduced silver to his still life compositions. This new subject has presented the artist with fresh challenges and as with all of de Wolf’s works, the end results simultaneously amaze and command attention. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that Thompson’s Gallery can welcome Tony de Wolf back for his second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Aragonese Feast by  Tony de Wolf