Born in Bulgaria and daughter of well-known Bulgarian painter Violeta Maslarova, Zheni
Warner first came to England in her 20's to study Fine Art Painting at the Norwich School of
Art. There she studied with acclaimed artists Ed Middleditch RA and artist Derrick Greaves. She
later settled in the UK and taught life drawing at the same school. Warner's painting practice
focuses on depth, form, movement, light and colour. Her willingness to experiment with
technique moved her to explore the use of Neon, light boxes and illuminated wire, mimicking
the very nature of colour as fragmented, filtered and reflected light. This implementation of
unconventional media within the context of traditional painting allows the artist to enhance
the variety of colours one can achieve. Warner contends that while her technique is incredibly
different to her mother's, the approach and attitude of constantly reworking until the painting
is truly finished remains unchanged since her upbringing. Warner's use of artificial lighting
enriches her surfaces, with both matte and reflective finishes. All the paintings in the exhibition
stand and function beautifully as paintings in their own right, becoming a second painting
altogether once illuminated.

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Zheni Warner: The Depths of Light and Colour at Thompson's Gallery