Douglas Gray in Studio artist Q and A Thompson's August 2018


Published: 29 August 2018

Thompson's Gallery proudly present a new Q&A series with some of the UK's most popular painters and sculptors. Whether doing your research for an art collection, or simply seeking new information about the artist behind your favourite work, Artist Q&A with Thompson's is a fun and quick read!

First up is renowned British figurative painter Dougals Gray. Thompson's have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the talented artist, whose background in illustration shines through in his figurative work. From London landscapes to bustling Parisian streets, there's virtually no subject the artist couldn't depict.

We caught up with Douglas to share the following unique topics of conversation with our readers - enjoy!



Above: Pink Sunset, New York by Douglas Gray  Oil on board  

Thompson's Gallery: What first got you interested in painting?

Douglas Gray: My Father has always painted and I thank him for his inspiration and knowledge of great painters like Edward Seago and John Singer Sergeant.



T: Did you always want to be a painter by profession? Were there other career interests for you growing up?

DG: I always wanted to be an illustrator, and I was for 20 years until I became an artist when things became computer generated, that was the time to leave illustration behind for me.


T: What advice do you have for aspiring young painters carving their own path?

DG:  Don't give up, follow your heart, it's dedication that will get you through in the end, and always do the very best quality you can,it's quality that counts not quantity, there are too many artists turning out the same uninspired dross day in day out it's too formulaic and will not lead to any longevity unless you like being a machine, it's uninspired and will ultimately kill your creativity.



T:  Do you have any studio rituals or superstitions?

DG: Yes just one, if it goes wrong walk away from it for 10 minutes. Oh, and playing Pink Flloyd very loud while working. It gets rid of the cat, too!


T: Does your process have any established pattern, ie sketching beforehand or resisting pattern in total?

DG: Sketch then under painting.


T: Do you ever experience 'painters' block'? How do you overcome it?

DG: Yes,often,best to get out and about for inspiration.


T: What has been your favorite painting or subject to paint in the past year?

DG: I fluctuate from figurative to cityscape works,it keeps me from getting bogged down with endless repetition.


T:  Artificial intelligence can now produce paintings, some of which sell to human buyers - what do you make of this?

DG: Very silly indeed,very emperors new clothes.



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