Hyatt Regency - The Churchill


Published: 6 October 2018

Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill has teamed up with Thompson's Gallery London to outfit the walls of the prestigious hotel with hand-selected artworks.

The Promenade, Montagu Restaurant, and Reception are now enhanced with new paintings by Peter Wileman, Matthew Alexander, Harry Brioche, Jo Taylor and Paul Wright.

Above: In situ shot of the Promenade and Montegu restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Churchill; Photo courtesy of Thompsons' Gallery

This year-long partnership opened to the public on 5th October 2018, with two primary aims in mind: to endorse local partnerships among businesses in the Marylebone district, and celebrating British lifestyle and tradition linked to iconic figures such as Churchill, after whom the famous hotel is namaed after.

Above: Winston and The Queen by Paul Wright, in the Seating / Reception area of Hyatt Regency- The Churchill. Photo courtesy of Thompson's Gallery.

Thompson's are succeeding Saatchi Gallery with this great honour, working with the Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill team to select the most inspiring, celebratory and beautiful artworks to link with the arching concept of British nature, lifestyle, and history. A group of four paintings by notable Kent-based painter Matthew Alexander depict stunning views from St Paul's and Strand-on-the-Green, to sunrises over expansive fields in Kent.

Above: Four Mathew Alexander paintings in the Promenade of Hyatt Regency- The Churchill. Photo courtesy of Thompson's Gallery.

Further up the Promenade in The Montagu Restaurant seating area are breathtaking abstracted landscapes by Peter Wileman, whose next solo exhibition opens at Thompson's Gallery London on Wednesday, 7th November 2018. Wileman's vibrant and dynamic compositions activate their surroundings with an uplifting and vivacious injection of colour.


Above: Peter Wileman's work along the Promenade and Montegu restaurant seating area in the Hyatt Regency- The Churchill. Photo courtesy of Thompson's Gallery.

The main Reception and seating area is graced with three artists together; Harry Brioche, Jo Taylor and Paul Wright. A quartet of small paintings by Brioche pack a punch with their scale and expansive treatment of sky and sunlit countryside in bright chartreuse and earthy tones. The UK's foremost equestrian artist Jo Taylor provides a noble and powerful horse staring out into the room with a placid and knowing gaze. 

Above: The Reception of Hyatt Regency- The Churchill; Paintings by Paul Wright (from left), Harry Brioche, Jo Taylor and Paul Wright (far right). Photo courtesy of Thompson's Gallery.

Paul Wright's three paintings feature accomplished depictions of Queen Elizabeth, Winston himself, and a most striking narrative piece titled 'The Yalta Tea Party', in which Churchill and Roosevelt meet for tea amid portraits of the Queen and Stalin. The artist chose a tongue-in-cheek title with reference to the kitschy teapots made in that era to commemorate the meeting of the three political figures.

Above: The Yalta Tea Party by Paul Wright on the walls of the Reception area in Hyatt Regency- The Churchill. Photo courtesy of Thompson's Gallery.

The Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill is located at 30 Portman Square in Marylebone, London. Click here to plan your visit. Additional information can be found on the Thompson's website, including a comprehensive suite of images showing the artworks on display. All artworks are for sale and any question or interest can be directed to Megan Thompson or Kelsey Zalimeni at or by telephone +44(0)207 935 3595.