Andrew Lacey runs his own sculpture studio specialising in bronze casting and therefore casts his own work. Engagement with the casting process enables creative interception at any stage and leads to a lively exploration of the making of sculpture.

Andrew works internationally as a consultant in sculptural research for museums, educational institutions, and art and archaeology TV documentaries. He also teaches and runs courses in historic and contemporary sculpture techniques.

Museum Projects:

Henry Moore Institute - ‘Bronze, the power of life and death‘, Conference Nov 2005.

V&A Museum - ‘The making of Mars’, didactic and video, and ‘Renaissance horse’ currently on display at the Gilbert Bayes Gallery.

Fitzwilliam Museum - Didactics of two bronze figures describing the indirect and direct methods of casting.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - Didactic of ‘The Juggler’ after Adrian d’Vries.

American Centre for Oriental Research, Amman - Bronze Archimedes Screw after King Sennacherib’s (681-704) cunneform description. Cast in the Jordanian desert.

National Programmes:

Meet The Ancestors - ‘Death of a Maiden’ Contributing archaeometallurgist. Filmed at AMTeC. November 99. Channel 4.

Various contributions on Time Team for Channel 4 from 1999 to the present including:

  • ‘Yaverland Manor Farm’. Contributing archaeometallurgist.
  • ‘Alveston Cave’. Contributing archaeometallurist. Filmed in South Gloucestershire.
  • ‘The Timber Circle Project’. Contributing archaeometallurgist. Filmed in Sussex woods.


`Les Monnayages Cuivreux de l’Antique: Etude des Techniques de Fabrication.` C.Sarthra, D.Griffths, M.F.Guerra, A.G.Lacey, P.Northover. Featured in Colloque D’Archaeometrie 99 Avec une seance thermatique: Archaeologie alpine et Archaeometrie. Lyon, France.

`Neo-Assyian Textual Evidence for Bronzeworking Technologies: Kings Ashurbanipal to Sennacherib.` S.Dalley, J.Oleson, A.G.Lacey. Oxford (forthcoming).

`Greek Fire, Revisited. The reconstruction of the Greek fire war ships of the Byzantine Period.` J. Haldon, A. Lacey, C. Hewes