David lives in Somerset and was born in rural Kent, where he developed a love of the natural world and his environment, evolving powers of observation, which are evident in all his works.

After studying at Camberwell, and then Croydon School of Fine Art, he continued to refine and develop his techniques, which enhanced his ability to capture the essence of his subjects more effectively.

David acquired a growing reputation in the South West of England with his paintings, but it was his skill as a sculptor, which struck a chord with admirers of fine art on an international level.

His sculptures have been exhibited at galleries in London, Paris, Vienna; and at Black Fire California, Atlanta Georgia and Dallas Texas, USA

His powers of concentration sometime overwhelm his sense of preservation. On one occasion whilst making sketches of a particularly large breed of pig-the `Tamworth` or "Iron Age Pig" he found himself in a corner and pinned to the floor. The pig began to eat the buttons off his waistcoat and chew at his bow tie, and it was only after the timely intervention of a herdsman that David was able to comment;

"Its interesting meeting new subjects, but not being eaten by them!"

At present David is employing new techniques creating a fusion of new and Old World sensibilities; mixing images from the subconscious and mythology in a series of Masks formed from oxidised bronze and gold leaf.