Johannes von Stumm

Artist Biography

Johannes von Stumm grew up with the desire to be an artist, but was discouraged from such a career at a young age by both mentors and art teachers alike. Studying 'sensible' subjects like law and politics into his early adulthood, von Stumm still couldn't get away from 'the calling' of making art. He dropped his law studies and set course for artistic pursuits.

At eighteen, during a visit to Paris, von Stumm was deeply moved by the power and beauty which he saw in Rodin's sculpture; he immediately began to work figuratively with clay and plaster, first at home and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich; six months spent in a quiet Italian village strengthened his desire to test the potential of glass, stone and steel combinations. On returning to the Academy, he asked for help, only to be told that the alliance of these very different materials was impossible.

The challenge was irresistible: after three years of breaking glass, he finally developed a way of joining these opposing forces in an inseparable unity, a form in which inter-dependent pieces hold each other upright and are often linked as a carpenter would join two pieces of wood. Such a breakthrough has proved rich in possibilities: in fifteen years of combining metal with glass and stone, von Stumm has expanded the boundaries of expression by fusing the strong and the fragile, the solid and the liquid, the dark and the transparent.

Collections Held

Since his initial breakthroughs with materials, von Stumm has continued to trailblaze within the sculptural discipline. He continues to be a forward thinking, established figure, taking on larger scale commissions in the recent years. His upcoming exhibitions are to be held in London, Berlin, and Munich.

Artist CV & Timeline

1969 - 76 Gymnasium (Grammar school), monastery Ettal

1976 - 80 Gymnasium (Grammar school), Munich

1980 work in a stonemason`s workshop

1980 - 83 Studied Law and Politics at the University of Munich

studied drawing at evening classes

1984 - 88 Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art, Munich

1988 Diploma received

1988 - 96 Studied at the Summer - Art - Academy Bildwerk, Frauenau

1993 - 95 Assistant teacher at Bildwerk, Frauenau

1988 - 95 Worked as a self employed sculptor in Munich

1989 Worked with Peter Layton, London, Clifford Reney, London

and at the Experimental Glass - Workshop, New York

1990 - 95 Teaching sculpture at studio, Keferloh, Munich

1995 Opening of present studio in South Fawley, Wantage, Oxfordshire,

ongoing work with Neil Wilkin, Hot Glass Studio, Frome, Somerset

1996 Workshop with Bertil Vallien, Lybster, Scotland

1997 Guest speaker at NEWI, College of Art and Design, Wrexham,

Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors

1998 Second prize for a sculpture at Munster / Sculpture show / Niedersachsen/ Germany

1999 Workshop with Tony Cragg at Lybster / Schottland

Teaching sculpture at New Greenham Common Arts Centre

Member of the Oxford Art Society

2001 Guest teacher at Dartington/ England for Contemporary Glass Society

Guest teacher for patients of Thornford Park

Commission for Prior’s Court School’s sculpture garden

2002 Guest teacher at Prior’s Court School, Newbury for autistic children

Workshop at New Greenham Common Arts Centre

Workshop at Prior’s Court School

Finished commission for Cushman & Wakefield, London

Finished commission for Prudential Corporation plc

Finished commission for Accel Venture Capital

2003 Lead artist for Commission from The Vale of the White Horse in Wantage

Member of the Council of the Royal British Society of Sculptors

2004 Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and Treasurer of the RBS

Exhibiting History

2005 Daniel Katz Gallery, London, UK

German Embassy, London, UK

2004 Nottinghamshire County Council, UK

Thompson’s Gallery, London,UK

2003 One-man Show, Gallery Beaux Art, Bath, UK

Royal British Society of Sculptors, London, UK

One-man Show, Orangerie, Munich, Germany

Leicester University, Botanic Garden, UK

2002 City of Munster, Outdoor Sculptures, Germany

Leicester University, Botanic Garden, UK

2001 Mall Gallery, London, UK

Goodwood Sculpture Park, Sussex, UK

2000 One-man Show, Curwen Gallery, London, UK

Royal Society of British Sculptors, UK

1999 Oxford Art Society, Abingdon, UK