Ken was born on the 14th Feb 1949, in south London, of Anglo Irish parentage. His father was Irish and typical of his generation .He worried about Kens artistic temperament and viewed it as effeminate .So Ken took up boxing and won a gold medal for South London in his teens .But his painting continued to florish, as the gloves came off with his trademark striking use of colour.

A self-taught artist, he is now a major force in British impressionism, painting landscape & figure subjects in a bold colourful style. He has had paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy London, the Beaux-Arts Paris and the Kline galleries Canada.

His works now hang in many important collections. Ken has travelled extensively and spent 2 years working for major galleries in New York. He favours romantic subjects of Edwardian times. His main medium is oil. He was nominated by the Royal Academy in the summer of 1976 as being one of the few promising young artists to emerge this century.

Ken has had a number of one-man exhibitions in major London galleries. Recently he lived for three years in France, but has now returned to London & has a studio at Kew.