Tina Spratt has always been fascinated by the skill and draughtsmanship in painting. In her work a great emphasis is placed on the execution, she tends to paint in many layers to build up the glow of light and depth she requires to create the atmosphere and mood. She was inspired very early on by the dramatic use of light in the works of Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Both had a huge impact on her and have stayed with her to the present day, the lighting being an important part of my own work. She also greatly admires Vermeer for the atmospheric and domestic settings he portrays, and Andrew Wyeth particularly the intimacy of the Helga series.

Spratt`s paintings which are focused on the female form are glimpses of a simple everyday intimacy. Clothed or nude, she is continually inspired by fabrics and different textures to compliment the figure. She is interested in capturing that fleeting time when a person is unaware of being observed, there is something very honest and private about that moment. Spratt hopes to portray a sense of ambiguity for the viewer to arrive at their conclusions and evoke an emotional connection with the model.

She uses a variety of techniques in her painting including glazing which has the ability to bring out amazing colours and depth, although each painting has a slightly varied approach depending on what she feels it requires. Spratt is forever challenging herself to develop her painting skills further and continue to explore the subject.