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17 March 2021 - 10 April 2021


Patsy McArthur - State of Flux

27 April 2021 - 15 May 2021


'State of Flux' speaks directly to McArthur’s interest in exploring the grace and power of movement through still images. Her depictions of figures in motion convey a sense of energy or potential energy through a static drawing.

Using a monochrome palette, MacArthur strips down her images by removing the seduction of colour and demanding a focus on the content of her drawing. Throughout her career McArthur has worked with freerunners, acrobats and even trampolinists, successfully capturing their motion within her work.

Tyrone Deans - Debut Solo Exhibition

18 May 2021 - 5 June 2021


Thompson's Gallery proudly presents Tyrone Deans' debut solo exhibition of mixed media paintings in Summer 2021. Born in London to a Jamaican family, Deans draws from his heritage and metropolitan surroundings to create works that are as beautifully gripping as they are probing and challenging.

Deans works by layering up oil paint, acrylic, chalk and oil stick, shea butter, marker, found objects and more onto his canvases. The artist incorporates scripted passages etched into material's surface ranging from a thought to repetitions of a term, title or name. The culmination of Deans' process is markedly material, a dominating presence asking questions about national and cultural definitions.

Tyrone Deans splits time painting between Brixton, Jamaica, and Sweden, allowing the local weather conditions to play a role in the formation of a piece. Preferring to work outdoors, he is prone to leave canvases in the elements between sessions along the creative process.

‘On the Rise'

8 September 2021 - 26 September 2021


Thompson's Gallery is proud to present 'On the Rise', an exhibition showcasing four exciting young artists bursting onto the scene.

'On the Rise' features all new paintings by Suffolk native Ania Hobson, Swiss painter Julia Moniewski, and Londoners Kemi Onabule and Athena Anastasiou.

Enter the worlds of each artist in their respective body of work- Hobson records her social and family circles with remarkable texture and stylistic flare; Moniewski melds her figures into shapes and colourways to harmonious entrancing effect; Onabule infuses biography, myth, and imagination into narrative scenes; Anastasiou quite literally weaves into surfaces to reinforce her exploration of heritage and connection.

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