An exhibition of all new work by three of our finest and most highly regarded artists, Aldo Balding, Robert E. Wells and Graeme Wilcox, curated to highlight the quality of contemporary painting we represent. Selected for their technical skill and distinctive styles, these three figurative oil painters use traditional technique and craft to create vibrant, original works.

Aldo Balding

Aldo Balding, one of the most recognised figurative and portrait artists in Britain, considers himself a storyteller. He takes an idea and moulds it to his liking. The colours, figures and scenery are all adjusted for the viewer based on what he wants them to see. There is a narrative element to Balding's work in which he sets up scenarios, with no specific outcome, leaving it up to the viewer to determine what is going on. His inspiration, ideas and subject matter for this latest collection are laden with nostalgia, where the focus is simply on the relationship between the subject and their environment.

Aldo Balding was born and raised in the United Kingdom and currently lives in the South of France. He started off his career as an illustrator before moving to France to become a full-time artist. He has exhibited globally at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The BP Portrait Awards and Christopher Moller (South Africa) and won several awards including 'Best of Show', BoldBrush Competition (2013), Arc Salon Finalist (2004, 2006 & 2016) and NSE Exhibition First Prize (2003).

Robert E. Wells

Finding inspiration in the towns and cities that he visits, Robert E. Wells seeks out unusual views of familiar landmarks and scenes, encouraging the viewer to see places from a different perspective. His visceral, painterly approach creates atmospheric and engaging scenes, recognisable yet truly unique. Based on Wells' latest travels, this new body of work is an exploration in texture, movement and atmosphere, a reflection of the artist's ability to constantly evolve.

Born in Yorkshire, Robert E. Wells moved to London in 1988 to study for a Master's Degree at London University. Prior to that he had studied at Batley Art College and worked for several years as an Architectural Illustrator. More recently he has turned to painting full time. Wells is now a member of the Royal Federation of British Artists (RBA) and winner of the Howard De Walden Painting Prize (2012), the Davison Award For Oil Painting (2014) and the Frinton Award (2016).

Graeme Wilcox

Graeme Wilcox displays exceptional balance in his work. Technically traditional, it has a powerful contemporary feel, depicting underlying tensions between animation and stillness. He is able to portray the transient, blurred image of one moving figure and at the same time, engage in precise photographic representation of another. Wilcox remarks that 'the broad theme of this new body of work is the act of looking. The figures in these paintings are all watching, observing, studying. The object of their gaze is either unseen or, possibly, us the viewer'.

Graeme Wilcox attended Glasgow School of Art (1989 – 1993) and has since been working in the East End of Glasgow. With work held in private collections in Europe, the USA and Canada, he is also held in the Corporate Collection of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh. Wilcox has won numerous awards during his career, most recently the Walter Scott Purchase Prize, Royal Glasgow Institute (2016), the Prince of Wales Drawing Award, Royal Society of Portrait Painters (2016) and the Stern Prize, Visual Arts Scotland (2016).

Aldo Balding, Robert. E. Wells & Graeme Wilcox at Thompson's Gallery