Avec amour With love
19th June – 6th July 2019
Join us on Tuesday 18th June between 5.30pm - 7.30pm
to celebrate the opening of this exhibition and meet the artist
RSVP enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk

In an era where fear claims headlines and division pervades conversation, painter Michael G Clark makes a case for the opposite - With Love. Most commonly used as an affectionate sign off, 'Avec Amour' is the perfect phrase to lead audiences into an exhibition which uplifts, unifies, and celebrates togetherness in all forms.
Painted in some of the artist's favourite locations around France and Italy, 'Avec Amour' whisks viewers from the Champs-Élysées to sunrise in Venice, on to quiet cafes in Le Marais and the side streets of Saint-Germain. By lifting spirits, encouraging enjoyment and reminding all of the lighter side to life, Michael G Clark's exhibition offers an oasis of calm.

Reflecting upon this body of work, Nia Clark MA MPhil writes:

It celebrates my father's enduring relationship with France and Italy. I recognise the unmistakable boulevards and chic strollers. His lilac shadows, burnt umber and dusky pink evoke the hazy glow of summer evenings. A flash of ochre or an untainted cyan sky are reflective of the hot sun. Viewing the work, I can smell the delights the market has to offer, a palette of sweet French apricots and a braid of rose tinted garlic. People mill around with freshly baked baguettes proudly tucked under their arms. His paintings depict life kissed by the restorative power of the sun and a chilled bottle of wine waiting to be shared among friends.

Thompson's London invite you to bask in the sensory delights of Clark's latest paintings, allowing the warming buzz of European holiday to envelop the eyes, mind, and imagination.

Avec amour - Michael G Clark PAI RSW at Thompson's Gallery