James Fullarton - An Exhibition of New Paintings

28th November - 22nd December 2018

Thompson's Galleries proudly presents the latest work of James Fullarton in
his ninth solo exhibition in nearly twenty years with the gallery. Featuring
landscapes across the Scottish countryside, dappled groves, grazing cattle,
placid marinas and breathtaking still life. In this exhibition he delivers yet
another varied and stunning suite of work to be enjoyed.
Today, James Fullarton is regarded as one of Scotland's leading contemporary
painters, uncompromising in his standard of work and always individual in
both thought and practice. He is famed for his powerful style of skilled fluid
brushwork, strong colour and broad palette. Working in both oil and acrylic,
Fullarton has gained acclaim for his nimble skill set, applying himself to en
plein air landscape and harbour scenes, as well as still life and portraiture.
Vibrant colour, bold compositions and expressive handling of thick impasto
paint are typical features of this prolific artist. Working directly from the
subject matter, James draws inspiration from the ever-changing light
and its effects on everyday objects, allowing him to develop his ideas
quickly on canvas. With prominent large brushstrokes and a brilliant eye
for colour, James is often described as a modern-day Colourist. Works
can vary from small studies, rapidly executed in a spontaneous manner,
to very large landscape paintings or dramatic still life compositions.
James has enjoyed a long and successful career with many solo shows. His
work is sold in a number of galleries across Scotland and England and has
been acquired by public, private and corporate collections worldwide.

For more information on the artist or exhibition please get in touch.
Catalogue available upon request

James Fullarton at Thompson's Gallery