24 November - 19 December 2020 - Thompson's Gallery London

'Shelter-in-Paint' is a milestone moment, marking James Fullarton's 20th solo exhibition with Thompson's Galleries since the painter's debut exhibition in 2000 at our Dover Street Gallery.

This exhibition's title points to the most pivotal year history has seen in a generation, an oil painter's manifestation of the 'work from home' mandate.

Always finding inspiration from life, Fullarton brings his bountiful palette and expressive strokes to every surface, articulating a kaleidoscope of colours in his tended flowers, the leaves, branches and sheds of the garden. Every composition seizes upon the opportunity to quite literally explore one's own backyard– a universe all its own, interactions legally enforced.

Alongside biannual features with Thompson's Galleries, James Fullarton is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, has shown at the Royal Scottish Academy, lectured for the Scottish Arts Council, and won several prizes including the David Cargil and Britoil Awards. Accolades aside, Fullarton has developed a reputation across a consistent career, considered one of Scotland's leading contemporary painters. He is uncompromising in his standard of work and always individual in both thought and practice, famed for a powerful style of skilled fluid brushwork, strong colour and broad palette.

Fullarton's prominent brushstrokes and brilliant eye for colour, often see him described as a modern-day Colourist.

James Fullarton: Shelter-in-Paint at Thompson's Gallery