Thompson's is honoured to represent Lewis Hazelwood-Horner and introduce his first solo exhibition with the gallery. The decorated painter first caught the gallery's attention by winning the Columbia Threadneedle Prize at the age of twenty-four. Hazelwood-Horner has since been inducted to the Royal Society of British Artists in 2018 at twenty-six years of age.

Hazelwood-Horner investigates and documents daily life, often leading the artist and his easel to pubs, farms and artisan workshops across the UK. This exhibition focuses upon the social rituals of gathering, from unique and familiar moments within pub culture to summertime garden parties. Thompson's have identified the painter as their 2019 'One to Watch' and eagerly await the 24th of January 2019 when this exhibition opens to the public at the London gallery.

Lewis Hazelwood Horner | Thompson's 2019 'One to Watch' at Thompson's Gallery