Thompson's Gallery proudly presents its first solo exhibition by Scottish painter Luci Maclaren. Aptly titled 'Momentum', this body of work features moments of intensity, competition, and even collision- as Maclaren articulates the excitement of British sport through gestural, brightly hued brushstrokes.

A highly successful year of group exhibitions and art fairs with Thompson's has led to this milestone debut for Maclaren. The artist has garnered popularity for conveying the drama of sporting 'action' scenes in unabashedly colourful palettes. Driven to combine the traditional with contemporary, Maclaren attends classic pastimes such as rugby, cricket, polo, shooting and cycling in her home of North London. Observing, painting, and sometimes participating in the challenge, the artist fully commits to the capture of sporting drama in all its power.

Maclaren's technique allows her subjects to 'breathe' as they charge across the raw linen surface. Colourful oils are laid thick and with great expression, mimicking the speed and kinetic energy of the competitors depicted. Striking, forceful, and packed with Momentum, Luci Maclaren's solo exhibition is not to be missed.

Join Thompson's Gallery in celebration of an emerging artistic talent, and the British pastimes she so enthusiastically monumentalises in paint.

For more information contact the gallery - 02079353595

Luci Maclaren: Momentum at Thompson's Gallery