Patsy McArthur "Flux" 27th April - 15th May 2021

Thompson's Gallery London

Flux speaks directly to McArthur's interest in exploring the grace and power of movement through still images.
Her depictions of figures in motion convey a sense of energy or potential energy through a static drawing.

"I wanted to create drawings for this show with a heightened, cathartic energy following what has been a static and stagnant year for many. Figures move forward with purpose and positivity and a sense of renewal. Swimmers and divers cut through water with force in a bid to cleanse and refresh. Dressed up dancers swing to a silent rhythm, shaking off the shackles, thwarting passivity. Fleeting moments that are only usually a blur or feeling in memory. I have often used forward motion as a themein my work to convey a sense of power and energy. In the past few months more than ever, I have felt compelled to make my figures dynamic, forceful, active and engaged in an attempt to shift the energy. These drawings make me feel strong and hopefully do the same for the viewer; physical forward movement, but also movement through psychological states to a stronger place." - Patsy McArthur

Using a monochrome palette, McArthur strips down her images by removing the seduction of colour and demanding a focus on the content of her drawing. McArthur has studied at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. She was awarded the RSA scholarship in Florence and acquired a Masters degree in Barcelona.

Patsy McArthur: Flux at Thompson's Gallery