Chateau Gaillard by Edward Seago


Published: 10 June 2022

We are holding our Annual Exhibition which is our largest exhibition of the year and a wonderful display of work by over 70 artists. Every year in June we open our doors to showcase a fabulous exhibition of selected works by 20th and 21st Century artists. This year we have some superb paintings by Edward Seago, Mary Potter, Sir Terry Frost, Mary Newcomb and Julian Trevelyan which represents just some of the 20th Century side of the exhibition and on the Contemporary part the list is long but to give you an idea we are exhibiting some new work by Rachel Arif, Serena Rowe, Robert Wells, Brita Granstrom, Jessica Cooper, Tessa Newcomb, Stephanie Rew, Robert Wells, Sue Jones, Carol Peace, Gordon Wilson and many, many more. A stunning painting of 'Chateau Gaillard' by Edward Seago is the star of the show which has impeccable provenance. An interesting Portuguese landscape painted in 1930 by Julian Trevelyan should command great interest as well as some large oils by Mary Potter who is becoming more and more popular with collectors. We also have one of only two pre-war paintings by Robert Medley, RA which are still in existence after he re-evaluated in 1946 and destroyed all work up to that point. We are also introducing a new artist to the gallery, South African painter Gail Caitlin. Gail uses a dynamic harmony of mixed media, alchemy and expressionistic structure and is one of the few artists in the world who has perfected the technique of using liquid crystal in an art form. Liquid crystals are flexible enabling transformational art technology with mesmerising qualities. They are truly beautiful works of art and she joins our stable of South African artists such as Rene Snyman, Ruin Huisamen and Thembalethu Manqunyana.