Published: 31 March 2020

Over the next few weeks we are virtually visiting our artists and sharing what they are up to during this time.

Our first visit is with Scottish painter Michael Clark PAI RSW.

Taking from the Scottish Colourist tradition, Michael produces flattened scenes of everyday life with swathes of vivid colour. Influenced heavily by his travels about Paris and the South West of France, Clark ranges in depiction, from tranquil moments in lush park greenery to bustling streetcorner café's and markets. Picking up on the small and beautiful details of daily living, Clark renders moments in time that reach far beyond a mere pretty picture. Standing strong against a colour-blocked background, the figures and objects in Clarks paintings vibrate with contrast and an energy of their own.
Michael is at his home studio with his family in Scotland working on a stunning new scene of a french Market Place.

Finished piece: Michael Clark, Market Place, Oil, 36" x 36" £4750.00

For more information on this piece please get in touch.