Published: 13 October 2020

Thompson's Gallery London 'zoom in' on a specific painting from the annual tradition 'Autumn Exhibition', on now at Seymour Place until 31st October.

Decorated Scottish painter Graeme Wilcox shares powerful insight to his new painting 'Figure on a Balcony', which (like many of his arresting figurative compositions) has an entire intricate story embedded within.

Pictured: Graeme Wilcox, 'Figure on a Balcony' Oil on canvas 35x28 inches £5000 - ENQUIRE/BUY NOW

Graeme's own words taking readers behind the scenes of 'Figure on a Balcony'-

Before lockdown, I had a theme going of figures at windows and it was uncertain whether they were inside or
outside the window space. This has continued though now the figures tend to be inside looking out.

This painting was inspired by a man I used to see regularly on my daily exercise. He lives in retirement flats and had a very small balcony space which he was often making use of, surveying his surroundings and the passers by. He was always fairly well turned out and I felt he was probably confined to his flat but had to take as much of the airs as possible.
Also on the news there were various reports of the lockdown balcony culture in cities in Europe which added to my interest.

The figure in the painting is not the actual man, more a re-imagining. Quite proud, still making an effort, getting as much fresh air and outside contact as possible but only from above. I based his face on a couple of old military types from my image archives and made a drawing first to get the pose etc.


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Thompson's Gallery London is located at 3 Seymour Place London W1H5AZ. 'Autumn Exhibition 2020' is on display until 31st October 2020.