Published: 19 February 2020

(Above: Helen Tabor | Circus Family | Oil on board | 30" x 25" | £2900)

Thompson's Gallery London are days away from unveiling a new group portrait exhibition centered around the prompt, 'What does family mean to you?'. A variety of Thompson's sculptors and painters took this question on wholeheartedly, showing their unique view of familial, intimate connection.

(Above: Ania Hobson | Cousins and Sister in Montmarte | Oil on canvas | 49" x 47" | £5300)

In a time where digital communication dominates human connection, a group survey of real life, person-to-person links has never been more needed. Artists have elected to show a range of interpretations including romantic partnerships, parent and child bond, extended family and the excitement behind the periodic gathering, and much more.

(Above: Anna E Davies | Astrid | Oil on panel | 30" x 29" | £1100)

Join Thompson's Gallery in celebration of human connection at its closest - The Family Unit, whether chosen family or blood lineage, is always here to stay.

Contact the gallery with sales enquiries and information about the private view evening. Email or phone +44(0)207 935 3595.

(Above: Michael G Clark | Le Dejeuner | Oil on linen | 20" x 22" | £2750)