Published: 19 April 2017

When she's not in her studio, Scottish painter Cate Inglis can often be found around her native Glasgow snapping pictures of broken down buildings. Sometimes, a particularly enticing structure lies a train ride away; Inglis has a network of friends and contacts sending images or tipping her off to new, striking scenes of dilapidation.


Inglis paints abandoned buildings in beautiful, painstaking detail. Every rusted panel, overgrown post, and graffiti-marked brick is conveyed by the artist's brush over layers on treated board surfaces. The artist has said of her work, 'I search for overgrown, derelict subjects- places where disappearing buildings leave gap sites and wasteland... the paper layers are an important element, an indication of how thin and temporary everything we built is.'

These comparison shots of Inglis's source images and the resulting paintings allow audiences to understand her practice in a new light. Her upcoming two-person exhibition with Douglas Gray in our London gallery will showcase all-new, never before exhibited works. 'Ideas of Beauty' opens on the 27th of April at 3 Seymour Place, and will conclude on the 13th of May.