Published: 8 February 2017

As we eagerly anticipate the shedding of colder weather for the crisp brightness of Springtime, we at Thompson's London equally await four exciting new exhibitions. 

First up will be the unique visions of Sophie Levi and James Tweedie, paired together in a two-person exhibition of unconventional landscape paintings (22nd March-8th April). Levi manipulates familiar London scenes to fit her style, while Tweedie converts Scottish landscapes into surreal compositions. 

Following after will be another two-person show, featuring Douglas Gray and Cate Inglis. Both artists offer two different perspectives on beauty, with Gray depicting moments of activity and transition in places such as Venice and New York, and Inglis romanticizing the passing of time and its effects upon the urban landscape in Glasgow and surrounding cities.

Leading us into May will be two exhibitions, that of Mhairi McGregor's solo show of new paintings and Thompson's appearance at the inaugural edition of Fresh Art Fair in Cheltenham (12th-14th May). 

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