Owl by Andrew Squire


Published: 19 June 2021

Thompson's Gallery, Aldeburgh are holding our Annual Exhibition to showcase our current stable of artists and introducing some new ones here at the gallery in which is the largest of our exhibitions throughout the year. Every year in June we have a large mixed show with up to 50 participating artist, in fact this is the 38th year we are doing so. Each year we try to bring a mixture of style, composition, medium and price to show a representative collection of 21st British art of today. Each artist submits 3 to 4 pieces for us to choose from and illustrate in our catalogue and this year we have some very exciting pieces by Jennifer Anderson who works with oil on stone plaster, Jessica Cooper and her minimalist oils and John Emmanuel who we haven't shown for a few years but have invited back this year. In addition to this we have some beautiful oils by Ollie Le Brocq whose calm interior pictures are hugely popular. We have some well executed and precise landscapes by Mhairi McGregor and some important sculptures by Vanessa Pooley who focuses on the female form and motherhood in most of her pieces. We are introducing Victoria Sebag to the gallery this June who trained at the Slade and took a break from painting but is back with a series of studies of Suffolk nature. Andrew Squire never disappoints and has given us some oil on board studies of various birds along with Peter Wileman and his semi-abstract landscapes which are evolving in style and subject matter. Roy Wright has submitted some carefully executed charcoal studies of trees in both spring and summer surroundings as has Carol Peace whose every sculpture takes on the human form in various peaceful pursuits. We are introducing another new artist, Neil Cuthbert whose large and beautifully painted canvases and deep and intriguing messages are based on Greek mythology amongst other topics. We are also including some new South African artists in the exhibition, Rene Snyman and Eric Oswald Eatwell who are new to these shores.