Thompsons Gallery Artist Q&A with Carl Melegari


Published: 6 December 2017

Carl Melegari's paintings turn heads wherever they may be shown. Whether wandering the stands of an art fair or strolling down Seymour Place past the Thompson's Gallery windows, people take notice and strong reactions emerge. The style of Melegari is often described as moody, dramatic, and intense. Regardless of adjective used, the viewer is often gripped and compelled by the sight of a Carl Melegari painting. 

Above: Simon  Oil on canvas (SOLD)

Born to Italian parents but raised in North Wales and now living in Bristol, Carl grew up with ambitions to pursue artmaking after being discovered for his talents at school. After graduating his BA Hons painting course, he went on to lecture for some time at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. His distinctive painting style continued to develop, and it wasn't long before galleries came knocking on his door. Thompson's Gallery began a relationship with Carl Melegari after a networking encounter. Establishing London representation was positive for the artist, and Thompson's were thrilled to bring such a sensational figurative artist to their roster. Melegari's work brought an edge and intensity that traditionally Thompson's hadn't carried before. This new and exciting era donned in 2010 after Carl's first showing at the London location. 

We recently conducted a short Q&A with Carl Melegari to learn more interesting facts about the artist behind the famous 'drip figure' paintings.

Carl Melegari Exclusive Q&A with Thompson's Gallery

Thompson's Gallery: What got you into painting in the first place? Were any of your family artists, too?

Carl Melegari: Since the age of 15, when a P.E lesson was rained off and I had to go to an art class instead. I did some drawings whilst there and the teacher said I think you should do art as an 'O-level'. I knew from that moment it was for me. My uncle, Odone, in Italy, was a fine art painter and when I used to go to stay with him I was fascinated with his painted murals on his ceilings.

Thompson's: How did you come upon your distinctive 'dripping' style? Was it developed over time through experimentation, or have you always painted this way?

Melegari: I had been painting plein air for many years, exploring colour but without any exploration of paint itself. Having decided to develop those studies further, I began to work on them in the studio. This is when my fascination with paint took over. This allowed me the freedom to experiment with its textural elements, and I continued to push this process even further towards abstraction. My style has just naturally evolved over time through exploration.

Thompson's: What is your favourite thing to do in your time outside the studio?

Melegari: Going to music gigs.

Thompson's: Do you have an inspiring quote or saying that you refer to often, or go by?

Melegari: To pursue what makes you happy, without worrying too much what others may think. Paint for yourself and no one else.


Above: Cinya  Oil on canvas  (Available)

Carl Melegari will be unveiling new, never before seen paintings on the Thompson's stand in January's London Art Fair 2018, at Islington Design and Business Centre. To learn more information about the fair, click HERE. To make enquiries or register interest about Carl's work, contact us by telephone +44(0)2079353595 or email