Published: 16 June 2019

Michael G Clark PAI RSW (born 1959) studied at the Edinburgh College of Art from 1979 - 1983. A love of film led him to work for the BBC in Glasgow for six years. On moving to London in 1989 he worked as a freelance Art Director and illustrator; he also began to paint again with much success.

He has had many solo and mixed shows with Galleries in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Suffolk, Norfolk and Oxford.

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Market Day, Provence | 30" x 30"  | oil on linen |£4,500

(Above) Market Day, Provence | 30" x 30"  | Oil on linen | £4,500 | Click here to see availability/ for purchase 

Thompson's Gallery: Do you have any studio rituals or superstitions?
Michael G. Clark: None, although I have two old seats from an aircraft so I usually start the day by sitting on my airliner chairs and looking at yesterday's work with fresh eyes.

TG: Does your process have any established pattern, i.e. sketching beforehand or resisting pattern in total?
MC: A very quick sketch ( about15 seconds!) with a stick of charcoal sometimes onto a surface which I have dragged thinned oil paint. I also have my sketch books and reference photographs. I am often working from memory, however these little visual notes are useful.

TG: Do you ever experience 'painters' block'? How do you overcome it?
MC: Working on several canvases at the same time seems to avoid 'painters block'

TG: What has been your favourite painting or subject to paint in the past year?
MC: I travelled several times to Italy and the South West of France, they are not that far from Scotland but the light, smells and routines are just so different, I have enjoyed my relationship with the people and places that I visited.

TG: How did you first come into painting?
MC: I had been working as an art director in London, I also painted textile designs which I thought would work as greetings cards. The publisher Woodmansterne, commissioned 50 paintings from me which meant I could afford to paint for 6 months. I was paid for the reproduction rights, exhibited, and sold most of the paintings in a West End Gallery, and Woodmansterne paid my framing bill!

TG: What is your best piece of advice to young aspiring artists?
MC: Be honest with what you decide to paint.

TG: You often travel to paint. Which city or country has become your favourite location and why?
MC: Paris, Provence, South West France. They offer different subjects to home, A sense of style, different light, and people.

(Above ) Gentlemen Lunching in the Shade | 12" x 16" | Oil on linen | £1650 | Click here to see availability or for purchase 

TG: Do you like having music, podcasts, or something else on in the background whilst painting? Tell us about it.
MC: I like to listen to test match cricket, it usually lasts several days and although they do stop for lunch or tea there aren't the usual breaks which you get with normal broadcast radio. The humour is important. With so much grim news, it offers an escape. I also listen to a few podcasts, some music, mostly Classical, ted talks and drama on Radio 4 Extra.

TG: Did (or do) you find inspiration in the work of other artists? Anyone who's been influential for you?
MC: Anne Redpath

Michael G Clark's latest exhibition Avec Amour opens 18 June - 6 July at Thompson's Gallery at 3 Seymour Place, London, W1H5AZ (2' walk from Marble Arch Station). Call the gallery with interest or questions +44(0)207 935 3595 or email

CLICK HERE to see the entire exhibition online.