Michael Restrick: May 2018 Artist of the Month


Published: 1 May 2018

Thompson's London proudly presents Michael Restrick as May 2018's 'Artist of the Month'. Dubbed a new and exciting talent, the British painter is most certainly one to watch.

Pictured, L to R: 'Toying with Emotions' and 'Westerly Wind' - both acrylic on board, 48 x 36 inches £2950

Restrick's new series of work is playfully colourful at first glance, but delving into serious matters of the human psyche and the precarious nature of the ego. Layered and complex in their execution, Restrick's paintings are captivating as they are informative for the viewer.

Restrick has commented on 'Westerly Wind' (above): 

She is a mix of exuberant colour and a slightly subdued expression making you question her emotions. The balloon hints at a lightness but is tethered to her, making a tension between freedom on the right hand of the painting and the security and solidity of the present how ever precarious it may be. Here the artist suggested a future and force. Firstly the subject is looking to the right, unaware of the viewer. secondly the balloon animates the composition with an unseen force from the westerly edge of the painting. The painting captures a moment of change.

With regards to his seemingly playful 'Toying with Emotions' piece, Restrick reflects:

This painting at first sight is playful and light-hearted but as you look closer you are aware that isn't necessarily the whole story. Here [I] express [my] own emotional state of mind, an extroverted and introverted personality and how there is an uneasy relationship. 'Toying with my emotions' shows two figures, the right depicts a showman encroaching and manipulating the other more passive self.


These fantastic new paintings can be viewed now throughout the month of May in our London gallery on Seymour Place. Call 0207 935 3595 or email enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk to learn more about the artist and his process. Alternatively, drop by to see us at 3 Seymour Place W1H 5AZ (2' walk from Marble Arch Station).