Published: 4 September 2020

We are preparing for our upcoming solo exhibition by the Swedish artist Brita Granström who has put together a beautiful body of paintings representing her experience of life at home during lockdown.  Every summer Brita goes back to her native Sweden to paint images of life in the Scandinavian countryside but due to lockdown this year she has been unable to travel there for the first time since she moved over here in 1993. As a result she has painted a series of paintings from her everyday life at home near Berwick upon Tweed, shying away from using her top floor sea view studio and instead adapting to a portable studio to begin making a series of inscape paintings capturing her family's daily life around the kitchen, porch and garden. These paintings reflect what was an initial fear of what was to come and evolve into more calmer and reflective works. The images of vases of plants and flowers show life-force and the power of nature while in the background life continues, chores being done, windows being cleaned, garden being tended and washing being hung. This collection of paintings are above all a celebration of life in times of adversity and depicts how life carries on regardless.