Published: 18 July 2017

Summer is here but as we all know, quickly slipping away. There is however one positive mark on the calendar to anticipate as the days grow shorter and chillier- The Autumn Exhibition

Thompson's Galleries enjoy a long tradition of hosting large group shows annually since their founding over 30 years ago. Touting names from both the Modern British and Contemporary fields, Thompson's Autumn Exhibition brings together over forty artists in a showcase of the year's finest painting and sculpture

Above: Guests enjoy the Autumn Exhbition private view, 2014

With each year, the strength and success of this vast group show has increased. Regular exhibitors include some of Scotland's most popular painters, including Robert Kelsey, James Fullarton, Michael G Clark, Helen Turner, Graeme Wilcox, Muriel Barclay, and Mhairi McGregor. The Autumn Exhibition has also consistently featured some of Britain's best, including Matthew Alexander, Paul Wright, Aldo Balding, Peter Wileman, Jo Taylor, and Douglas Gray. Featured sculptors such as Chris Buck, Carol Peace, Angela Hunter, Tom Greenshields, Paul Vanstone, and Simon Bacon have stregthened the show with every passing year.

Above: The Private View Evening of Autumn Exhibition 2010

Such a large exhibition requires an incredible amount of preparation from all involved, and with this year's instalment promising to be the biggest show to date, work has been underway for months already. Now is the time to mark the calendar for the 21st of September- The Autumn Exhibition 2017 is not one to be missed.