Graham Webber delivering his paintings


Published: 27 July 2020

We were very pleased to welcome Graham Webber to the gallery in Aldeburgh this week when he delivered all the wonderful paintings for his upcoming solo exhibition which opens on the 22nd August.  Graham has been working very hard to put together a beautiful body of work and we are excited to be able to offer him another one man show after his very successful one with us a few years ago.

This exhibition will be exclusively new paintings which Graham has produced over the last year including works produced during the lockdown period which presented challenges for the plein air painter. In this volume of work we have Graham showing his love of the East Anglian landscape as well as other works depicting life in Norfolk and Cornwall as well as London.

Just before lockdown began Graham was writing a series of articles for The Artist magazine on the practice of developing work from plein air painting, progressing through to larger studio work. Gathering enough information out in the field to work from in the studio is a big part of his process and when lockdown was introduced it gave him an opportunity to develop some of these ideas further focusing on atmosphere and place. He has a strong connection to the landscape, spending a lot of my time in the field sketching and painting. Distilling the subject matter, conveying light and space to create a feeling of atmosphere is his main focus and he works using subtle changes in colour and tone to try to simplify the subject. Working in the studio has allowed him to concentrate on emotion and creativity to recapture his initial experience. The work has a greater emphasis on the feeling and memory of the subject.

This upcoming exhibition includes smaller plein air pieces, some of which have developed into larger work as well as paintings made using reference such as sketches and paintings back in the studio. There are places he has been and long to go again soon as well as atmospheres and communities he recalls with fondness. The paintings trigger emotions and memories for him and we hope that they will do the same for those who view them.

A selection of the pieces which will be available in the exhibition.