Published: 2 November 2017

The opening day of Jo Taylor's latest solo exhibition 'Upon the Wind and Waves' is right around the corner. Before Wednesday arrives, let's look at some side-by-side image comparisons of thoroughbred races on the Irish coast, to admire Taylor's interpretation of the sport and the ability her work possesses to convey the action and majesty of its subjects.

The artist exhibits a deep anatomical understanding of the horse, and is able to communicate metaphysical properties alongside such accurate depictions of the equine physique. Most intriguing is Taylor's discernment in markmaking, as she avoids being too illustrative whilst still giving the figures weight and movement.

Jo Taylor's inclusion of jockeys upon most of her horses' backs is intentional, grounding the subject in its rightful context but maintaining the animal's primacy.

'Upon the Wind and Waves' will opens next week on Wednesday, 8th November at Thompson's London (3 Seyemour Place W1H 5AZ). Please contact the gallery by telephone (+44(0)207 935 3595) or email at with all interest and questions about the artwork.