Published: 16 August 2017

As anticipation builds around our London gallery's largest group show to date, get familiar with a few new names you'll be spotting on the walls in this year's Autumn Exhibition.


London native Tyrone Deans is a self-taught artist who creates vibrant layered works based on his surroundings. Electric crowds, figures in action, and complex surfaces built up with colour and text are characteristic of Deans' style. Despite an abundance of cheerful hues, the message in Deans' work isn't always rosy. Touching on topics such as gentrification (specific to his home in Brixton), social justice, and other issues born of a rapidly changing society, Tyrone Deans engages his audience with a deeper discussion than a mere pretty picture. Coming off the back of a well received solo exhibition in Mayfair, Deans makes for a fresh and exciting addition to this year's Autumn Exhibition.


Artist Michael Disley spent much of his training in ZImbabwe learning from Shona sculptors, and in Japan picking up stonework techniques. Disley's work is characterized by a calm flow and centering balance, articulating natural motifs through stone and granite. Over 100 of the artist's sculptures have been installed publicly and privately in the UK, Europe and Japan. Disley spends much of his time in search of new materials, in order to develop and expand his skillset as an artist and stonemason. This constant pursuit has led him to placesl like China (sourcing granite) and the hardstone quarries of Rajasthan, India.


Emma Jeffryes lives and works in St. Ives, where her environment inspires endless creative production. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Emma applied her training in textile design to create distinctively bright, nautical paintings in flattened perspective. Beaming with every variety of blue across the spectrum, Jeffryes' work sparks recollection of coastal getaways and afternoons hypnotized by the tides. 


Michael Restrick's portraits simulltaneously depict the likeness and psychological state of a sitter. Restrick takes great interest in symbols, emotion, and temporality- all of which combine to great effect in the artist's work. Through a series of removed and replaced studies, Restrick's process infuses sculpture, drafting, and portraiture to build up to the finished product. By virtue of Restrick's process, each portrait encapsulates a multitude of fleeting moments, feelings and thoughts unique to each subject.


Experience these four newcomers and many more in our upcoming Autumn Exhibition, opening 21st September 2017. The entire exhibition will soon be available to view online at in the Exhibitions tab. Please email with any questions about these featured artists.