Published: 13 November 2019

Matthew Alexander is well known for evocative landscapes that perfectly capture the changing effects of light and atmosphere on a place. Capturing some of the UK's most well-loved landscapes, from busy central London streets, down to the coast of Kent, up to the Scottish Highlands and over to the West coast of Ireland, Alexander has the power to transport the viewer to wherever he chooses with a few simple flicks of the paintbrush.

Visitors to the exhibition have been impressed with the mastery of his technique, particularly when rendering dappled sunlight, and many have recognised some of their favourite locations hanging on the walls of our gallery. 

Alexander breathes new life into a technique and subject matter made famous by the French Impressionists, and Matthew follows their trajectory more literally by painting some of the same vistas that they once did - a certain Le Chemin de la Machine by Alfred Sisley, now in the Musee d'Orsay indeed bears striking resemblance to Alexander's own rendering of the same scene.

There are a few days left to enjoy Matthew's landscapes before we change gears altorgther with Jo Taylor's large scale, mixed media equestrian and wildlife paintings - opening 20th November.

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