Published: 20 March 2020

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner opens his studio to Thompson's Gallery, sharing his progress toward a much-anticipated new solo exhibition this May. With enviable natural light, high ceilings (naturally stacked floor to ceiling with canvases and studies) and a lofted space to live, Lewis is the quintessential modern painter.

(Above) A panoramic view of the entrance room to Lewis Hazelwood-Horner's London studio. Photo credit Thompson's Gallery.

Perusing the space is tantalizing, like entering a treasure trove. The art lover discovers a new delight on shelves, little side walls, even by the kettle and sink. Although some industries require work-life separation, Lewis thrives in and around the works he paints. The subject matter of Hazelwood-Horner's work corroborates this, centered around lifestyle and documentation of social rituals unique to British culture.

(Above) Lewis' paint shelf is home to fantastic small oil studies of friends and family. Photo credit Thompson's Gallery.

Building a body of work for his new solo exhibition for Thompson's London this May, the artist is teeming with energy and excitement. The collection of new paintings contains known favourite subject matter such as portraits, social scenes, and rich still life. Audiences will be dazzled by the introduction of market scenes and craftspeople, such as London fishmongers, barrel makers, and umbrella shops.

(Above) Camera setup capturing stop-motion footage of Lewis' centerpiece for the solo exhibition, a fishmonger scene brimming with activity and colour. Photo credit Thompson's Gallery.

For more information about Lewis Hazelwood-Horner's solo exhibition this May, get in touch with Thompson's Gallery London. Email enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk or phone +44(0)207 935 3595.

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