Published: 2 June 2020

Thompson's Gallery London proudly present 'Real Life' online from 3-19 June 2020, an all new painting exhibition by prodigious plein air talent Lewis Hazelwood-Horner.

Upholding the tenets of traditional practice, the 28-year-old artist paints in real time to capture 'Real Life' in oil - no photographs, fully in person with his subjects. From London's most buzzy pubs and marketplaces, to Savile Row and quieter moments in the studio honing still life, Hazelwood-Horner delights audiences with a deft brush and impeccable instinct for light and motion.

Ahead of tomorrow's official debut, the artist shared the story behind 4 select paintings in the show. Enjoy the following backgrounds, in Lewis' own words.

1) 'Lot & Teun' Oil on canvas  32x20 inches  £3500

Lewis Hazelwood-Horner on 'Lot & Teun':

'This is a portrait started in Warder, Netherlands with both the sitter and her family cat posing for the painting from life on two separate occasions. The painting plays with texture and surface blending where one figure merges into the other making it hard to see where fur begins and ends. The importance behind the work is that it has been painted at a milestone moment in Lot's life as she is about to leave home to live in Amsterdam pursuing her career path of music and dance.'

2) 'Cupid's Pit-Stop' Oil on canvas 42x30inches £5950

The artist's story behind the pit-stop:

'I love to see big bouquets of colorful flowers in oak paneled interiors because I think it has a dichotomy, where pub interiors can stay almost unchanged for decades the flowers presence is fleeting due to its quick decay. The painting is inspired by the works of Jan Steen and his contemporaries where they achieve an air of playfulness between the subjects but you cant quite tell if the man is being lurid in his conversation.'

3) 'Fresh Ink' Oil on canvas 34x24 inches £3500

Lewis' shares on the tattoo summit:

'This was a chance meeting with builders on their lunch break in the Royal exchange pub of Paddington W2. Built up from sketches made in situ, I enjoyed seeing how these burly men would tentatively caw over the younger of the groups new tatts. The composition plays with a strong focal point, surrounded by glasses to give the painting a sense of shimmer and shine. I also enjoyed painting their antique brass table tops which further adds to the sense of shimmer in the work.'

4) 'Sunday Salmon' Oil on canvas 26x50 inches £6250

Hazelwood-Horner's draw to the market stalls:

'I moved my studio to south of the river and am in close proximity to the Uks oldest and most iconic fish market, in Docklands. Painting the porters and stall holders involves an early start at 3am as market day is already over by 9am. I was drawn to painting the food vendors because of the effortless in which they would handle their product whereas some may be squeamish or hesitant in holding a large 5kg salmon this vendor holds it as if admiring it as an accessory to himself.'


3-19 June 2020. In situ photos of all artworks and installation shots can be provided upon request. For prices and availability consult the exhibition link HERE or contact the gallery, enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk or by telephone +44(0)207 935 3595.