Published: 13 July 2019

Summer has well and truly arrived in London, and that means that our sculpture garden is now open for visitors, featuring bronze works by Carol Peace, Vanessa Pooley, Angela Hunter and Sue Jones- among many others. 

Above: Simon Bacon | Serenity | Bronze | 8 x 4 x 5 inches | £1450 | Enquire/buy now

Simon Bacon's figurative work and process is shaped by a deep interest in the body, philosophy of mind and consciousness, typically reflecting an expression and enquiry of process, and is informed by over twenty-five years and experience as an osteopath and four years postgraduate research in Transpersonal Psychology. The aged patina of his works makes them look as they themselves are organic objects, and they look at home in a natural environment. 

Above: Vanessa Pooley | Butterfly | 11 x 20 x 8 | Bronze | £5850 | Enquire/ buy now

Vanessa Pooley has found her own way of reinventing the human figure, so ubiquitous in art and particularly sculpture. Her work forges a link both to Henry Moore, the champion of the reclining female form in twentieth century sculpture, but also way back to ancient art and such famous pieces at the Willendorf Venus. In fact, the roughly hewn surfaces of her female forms look as if they could have been dug out from the earth, and therefore are the perfect fit for a natural, outside space. 

Above: Elliot Channer | Wren ed. 9/12 | Bronze | 7 x 4 x 6 inches | £800 | Enquire/ buy now

Born in 1989 in Staffordshire, Elliot Channer showed a passion for wildlife and art from a young age. He focuses on capturing the life and grace of the subject, concentrating on their key features but allowing spontaneity to make up the main body of the sculpture. Drawing inspiration from the countryside, initially in Staffordshire and Derbyshire, Elliot now travels the country in order to observe and photograph animals in their natural habitat.

Above: Carol Peace | Unraveling (Edition of 25) | Bronze | 28 x 11 x 11 inches | £7400 | Enquire/ buy now

Carol Peace is a draughtsman as well as a sculptor, and subsequently her process of sculpting is very similar to that of drawing. The works are built up in clay which, like charcoal, is quick to make marks, and then cast in bronze. She was born in 1970 and graduated from the Winchester School of Art in 1992 with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. In 2001-02, Peace went on to study Drawing at the Prince's Drawing School in London. The versatile sculptor/draughtswoman has exhibited her work across the UK and wider Europe, and further afield. She has held solo exhibitions at major art fairs in the United States and England. Peace has been commissioned by Ashton Court Estate, Woodland Trust, and Bristol's Taywood Homes.

Above: Angela Hunter | Twist and Turn ed. 2/15 | Bronze resin | £1200 | Enquire/buy now 

Angela Hunter's preferred medium is bronze, making small works in wax and larger pieces in plaster or clay for casting in either bronze or bronze resin. She is essentially a figurative artist, sculpting both human figure and animal studies. Her degree show 'Plaster Sheep' have featured in several exhibitions and magazine articles. In 2004 she was commissioned to make a full size Damascus goat and two kids for the owners of Dunderave Castle on Loch Fyne.

Our sculpture garden is open all through the summer, Monday - Saturday, at 3 Seymour Place, London.