Published: 20 June 2019

On Tuesday 18 June 2019, we celebrated the opening of our latest show, 'Avec Amour' by Michael G Clark PAI RSW, an exhibition which celebrates love in its many forms. We staved off the London rain with brightly coloured pictures of sun-drenched French and Italian scenes, and glasses of champagne- both on the canvas and in hand!

Above: Michael G Clark | Champagne | 16" x 16" | Oil on linen | £2400 | Enquire/ buy now 

In an era where fear claims headlines and division pervades conversation, Scottish painter Michael Clark makes a case for the opposite - With Love. Most commonly used as an affectionate sign off, 'Avec Amour' is the perfect phrase to lead audiences into an exhibition which uplifts, unifies, and celebrates togetherness in all forms.

Above: Artist Michael G Clark chats to a client at the opening of his latest solo exhibition, Avec Amour 

Painted in some of the artist's favourite locations around France and Italy, 'Avec Amour' whisks viewers from the Champs-Élysées to sunrise in Venice, on to quiet cafes in Le Marais and the side streets of Saint-Germain. By lifting spirits, encouraging enjoyment and reminding all of the lighter side to life, Michael G Clark's exhibition offers an oasis of calm.

Above: Michael G Clark | Before the Crowds, Venice | 16" x 16" | Oil on linen | £2400 | Enquire/ Buy now 

The exhibition runs until 6 July 2019 at 3 Seymour Place, London, and we invite you to bask in the sensory delights of Clark's latest paintings, allowing the warming buzz of European holiday to envelop the eyes, mind, and imagination.

For more information about all the works in the show, or to make a purchase, contact enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk or call the gallery at 0207 935 3595.