Published: 23 June 2020

Londoner Tyrone Deans is a self-taught artist who first burst on to the Thompson's Galleries exhibition calander in our 2017 Lanscape exhibition. Since then Tyrone has continued to create vibrant layered works based on his surroundings. Electric crowds, figures in action, and complex surfaces built up with colour and text are characteristic of Deans' style. Despite an abundance of cheerful hues, the message in Deans' work isn't always rosy. Touching on topics such as gentrification (specific to his home in Brixton), social justice, and other issues born of a rapidly changing society, Tyrone Deans engages his audience with a deeper discussion than a mere pretty picture. 

Heavily influenced by his life in South London, Tyrone Deans' paintings can be recognised by his vehement painterly technique and unusual pallet; natural materials mixed with thick textured paints, sand, oils and butters, overworked with charcoal, chalk, oil-bar and other mediums.

With its emphasis on layer rich canvasses which provide a setting for paint and natural elements to come together, his paintings can be seen as a kind of urban abstract expressionism, deeply rooted in his responses towards growing up in a Jamaican family in London.

These beatutiful works have been painted by Tryone Deans for our upcoming London exhibition, 

1 July 2020 - 18 July 2020

A selectuion of painters and sculptors who have contributed their unique interpretations of Summer, conveying the enjoyment of bright skies, long days, and fun with family and friends.

Freedom Is A Constant Struggle Mixed Media on canvas 40'' x 60'' £4,800

Since Cummings Drove To Test His Eyes, Nobody Seems To Take This Seriously Anymore
Mixed Media on canvas 40'' x 60'' £4,800

Formore information on these works or the artists please get in touch with the gallery.