Published: 3 August 2019

Our partnership with local hotel Hyatt Regency - The Churchill is nearing the end of its first year, and we have rehung their foyer and Montagu Kitchen walls for the third time! The gallery and hotel have enjoyed being Marylebone mainstays for many years, and this partnership has two primary aims: to endorse local partnerships among businesses in the Marylebone district, and celebrating British lifestyle and tradition linked to iconic figures such as Churchill, after whom the famous hotel is named after. 


(Above: Hyatt Regency hang- before and after!)

For this hang, we were inspired by the Great British Summer, and the beach days, summer fairs, countryside, sunshine- and occassional rain- that make up the quintessential British summer. 

(Above: Douglas Gray | The London Eye | 15" x 30" | Oil on board | £4500 | Enquire/ Buy Now

Now on the walls of the foyer and promenade, hotel guests and visitors can view works by Douglas Gray, which perfectly encapsulate the mood of London- and its variable weather; Robert Kelsey and Norman Smith, whose scenes of Scottish beaches and evocative sunsets quickly transport us out of the city; Simeon Stafford, whose large scale, naive works, highlight the fun and whimsical side of London and seaside England; and Peter Wileman and Harry Brioche, who both capture the effects of light and weather on the British countryside. 


(Above left: Simeon Stafford | Battersea Park | 30" x 30" | Oil on canvas | £4500 | Enquire/ Buy Now / Above right: Simeon Stafford | Piccadilly Circus | 30" x 30" | Oil on canvas | £4,500 | Enquire/ Buy now )

(Above: Norman Smith | Dusk Over Russley Down | 23" x 25" | Oil on board | £3910 | Enquire/ Buy Now )

(Above: Robert Kelsey | Ben More from Iona | 24" x 28" | Oil on canvas | £4200 | Enquire/ Buy now)

At the end of the Montagu Kitchen, surrounding the fireplace, small paintings by Michael G Clark and James Fullarton provide a sense of brightness. 

The exhibition is now open, so drop by for a taste of the Great British summer - 30 Portman Square.