Published: 24 November 2018

A new group of delightful Gentoo penguins have moved in on Seymour Place! Thompson's London have been graced with new sculpture by Angela Hunter just in time for the Holidays.

Above: 'Gentoo Penguins' by Angela Hunter, Bronze resin, £900 each - CLICK HERE to enquire/buy 

Angela Hunter is widely known for her popular sculptures of Gentoo penguins. The artist spends much of her time studying the animals in real life at her local zoo in Scotland. Hunter takes a sketchbook and coffee to the venue, anticipating a long visit with her tuxedoed friends.

Above: The new Penguin trio by Angela Hunter wander in. CLICK HERE for more info and to purchase

This latest series of bronze resin penguins are a trio of curious and inquisitive creatures. The group lean with wings extended, peering at the viewer and often pressing their beaks against the gallery glass looking out to the busy street.

Hunter's penguins are a joy for all ages, and can be sold as a trio, pair or individually. For more information about these winged wonders, contacted the gallery at or call +44(0)207 935 3595.