Published: 17 July 2017

Following the success of his two artist exhibition with Cate Inglis in May 2017, Ideas of Beauty, Douglas Gray has created brand new work for our London gallery. One of Thompson's Galleries favourite painters, Douglas Gray encapsulates the balance between contemporary aesthetic and traditional technique that we find so engaging.

These new paintings are linked by reflection, a popular motif from his previous body of work. 'The Long Wait' is a typically complex composition which reveals more of itself the longer it is studied. The layers of light and colour are subtle in some areas, most notibly over the figure, hinting at the window's presence, allowing the viewer a near complete view of the enigmatic subject. Whereas the other side of the canvas is dense with texture and form, almost becoming abstract in areas, yet skillfully managed by Gray as to retain clarity of the reflected view beyond.


'The View Towards St. Paul's from Waterloo Bridge' draws on a different type of reflection all together. It would have been easy for Douglas Gray to paint bright, luminous reflections of the London skyline into the Thames, emphasising the iconic buildings of the capital. However, he has painted a far more honest impression of the view. Moody clouds above and the unmistakable weight of the imposing river below create a scene which is instantly evokative of the city, with faint reflections of breaking blue sky and metalic boats in the water showcasing Gray's restraint and skill.


All new works by Douglas Gray can be viewed at 3 Seymour Place, London, W1H 5AZ. For all interest, please contact enquiries@thompsonsgallery.co.uk.