Published: 20 April 2019

This spring at Thompson's London we are exhibiting an interesting mixture of abstract and figurative art, both sculptures and paintings. We are showing art from Britain, but also from other parts of the world, like paintings by French-Canadian Louis Laprise and sculptures by our latest addition, French Pierre Yermia.

Louis Laprise

Thompson's gallery met Louis Laprise at Art Toronto 2012 and have since enjoyed a burgeoning working relationship. Both contemporary and decidedly ornamental, Louis Laprise's art demonstrates a mastery of the other-worldly. Private Collections of Laprise's work are held in Italy, England, Brazil, Dubai, Canada, USA, Turkey, France & Jordan.
Both contemporary and decidedly ornamental, Louis Laprise's art demonstrates a mastery of the random. Behind these beautiful abstract pieces lies a wealth of experimental experience. An amazing colourist, his universe consists of organic forms whose lively gestures originate in the grain of wood. It is through this kind of lyrical abstraction that figurative illusion arises, allowing the viewer to channel his own imagination and to see himself reflected in the polished, mirror-like surface of the work. Laprise gets inspiration from different currents and different time,like Dadaism and Surrealism- artistic movements that advocate free movement, creation outside the narrow confines of tradition. He also emphasises the importance of being inspired by artistic practices that from other than western ones. For example, Laprise admires the Arabic calligraphy and the ornamental work of the artists of the Persian civilization, the animal-symbols of pre-Columbian art, the primitivism of African art and the Japanese engravings of the eighteenth century.

Above: Louis Laprise | Wiping the Blue | Mixed media on wood | 36'' x 48'' |  Enquire/Buy Now

Above: (Left) Louis Laprise | L'abandon a la memoire des eaux (The Abandonment of Water Memory) | Mixed media on wood | 36'' x 48'' | Enquire/Buy Now  (Right) Louis Laprise | Vague, vague | Mixed media on wood | 36'' x 48'' Enquire/Buy Now

Pierre Yermia

Pierre Yermia is a French sculptor who lives and works in Paris. Pierre Yermia's sculpture focuses specifically upon human and animal bodies. A palpable tension is struck between the volume of the figure's torso and the fragility of its slender legs. The prominence of Yermia's sculpted trunks are purposefully juxtaposed with slender, tenuous limbs- the artist invites consideration of our own precariousness, endangerment, imbalance, and oppugnancy.As objects, Yermia's figures are visually arresting, with strong implications of vertical movement and gravity. Exhibiting deft rendering and deep experience by their maker, the sculptures exhibit a handcrafted quality but near machine-like execution. The compositional balance defies a gravitational reality humans know all too well, resulting in delight and awe by audiences encountering Yermia's work. Elegant and graceful, with a dash of impossibility and dreamlike air, Yermia's sculptures are classic, unique, and highly collectible. Whether 3 meters tall or tabletop size, Yermia's work exploits scale to achieve a monumental effect. Yermia's work is a constant quest for an unlikely and precarious moment of equilibrium, where strength and fragility are simultaneously confronted. The human or animal figures are standing on their brittle limbs and are slowly rising, defying the law of gravity.

Above: Pierre Yermia | Envol | Bronze | 12 x 12 x 9 I Enquire/Buy Now

Above: Pierre Yermia | Taureaux IV | Bronze | 28 x 8 x 24 | Enquire/Buy Nowt

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