Published: 21 April 2021

Thompson's Gallery London is pleased to showcase two new works by artist Graeme Wilcox!

The celebrated Scottish painter shares his refections on his new paintings Figure on a Beach and The Duke both inspired by post lockdown life. 

Pictured: Graeme Wilcox, 'Figure on a Beach' on display at our London Gallery.

Graeme's own words taking readers behind the scenes of 'Figure on a Beach':

This painting was inspired by my first post lockdown visit to the coast and the memory of a figure seen on the shore.

The beach was still surprisingly quiet, but there were a few people around and in the distance, I could see a figure sitting on the sand reading. A combination of my poor eyesight and imagination had him down as a younger person or student, but as we got closer, I could see he was very much older.

The wind was blowing so seemed to add a sense of movement to this stationary figure. All these things combined to make a heightened, poignant scene in my memory.

I am very interested in people's appearance and how we also create our own mental image of them. In this painting, I am attempting to recreate the ambiguity of this self-contained figure who was old but also appeared young.


Pictured: Graeme Wilcox, 'Figure on a Beach' Oil on canvas 47 x 32 inches £6800 - ENQUIRE/BUY NOW

Graeme's speaks further on the story behind his painting 'The Duke':

I often paint versions of anonymous people I see around the city.

This is one of a series based on commuters on my morning train. This character appeared for a few days running, often sleeping or staring straight ahead. He had a certain bearing and quiet confidence, with a profile which could have come from a Flemish portrait.


Pictured: Graeme Wilcox, 'The Duke' Oil on canvas 16 x 16 inches £2500 - ENQUIRE/BUY NOW


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