Published: 9 September 2016

Thompson's Gallery currently has a great range of sculpture, in bronze, bronze resin, wood and glass, by Carol Peace, Tom Greenshields, Vanessa Pooley, Philip Blacker, Johannes Von Stumm, Angela Hunter, Paul Vanstone, Giles Penny, Chris Buck and Richard Chapman. These sculptures, in a variety of sizes, not only make a statement as individual pieces, but can also compliment existing work in your collection, be it sculpture or painting. 

Combining sculpture and painting can seem tricky, but with clever use of the space you have and an eye for placement, you can begin to curate your collection with real impact. For example, creating different heights for your sculpture means that you can draw the eye to a painting above or behind, giving a new dynamic to a space that you might be looking to breathe new life into. This can also be done by using existing features and furniture in your home, so there is no need to make dramatic alterations to achieve a great result. Sculpture can also be used to divide a room or add a feature to an unused space. The smaller range of sculptures in our collection also make unique and personal gifts, as they are not imposing but can really add charm to a home or office interior.

Contact us for more details on any of the work featured.