Peter Wileman Highland Legend


Published: 15 December 2017

The landscape paintings of Peter Wileman are colourful and evocative, giving the eye enough information to connect the dots in forming sweeping coastlines and riverside landscapes. Whether depicting the bridges of London, bustling intersections of New York, or a quiet British estuary, Wileman's scenes are teeming with texture, imagination and mystery.

Pictured: The Whisper of Dawn  32x32 inches  Oil on canvas

The British painter has become known for his electric sunset paintings, saturated with cobalt blue and bursts of pink and yellow sundowns glancing off bodies of water. Not long ago, the artist pushed his style further to incorporate textured foregrounds with passages of built-up paint and gauze-like cloth. These elements ruptured the visual plane to further the abstract nature of the landscape.

The following side by side comparisons show photographs of the depicted landscape (as the artist typically titles his work for selected location), exemplifying how Wileman manipulates the visuals without completely losing the recognizable traits required for association by the audience.


Pictured: Padstow at sunset, Peter Wileman's Moonlight over Padstow Oil on canvas 20 x 28 inches  £3450


Pictured: New York City Streets from Pinterest, on right: Peter Wileman's Towards Dusk, New York City  Oil on canvas  SOLD

Peter Wileman will debut new paintings at Thompson's Gallery London in a 2018 solo exhibition. See the gallery website for more information in the New Year.