Robert Kelsey Painting in the Studio


Published: 1 April 2020

Over the next few weeks we are virtually visiting our artists and sharing what they are up to during this time.
Today's visit is with Robert Kelsey in Glasgow. Robert has exhibited with Thompson's Galleries for nearly 30 years and we have hosted over 20 3xhibitions, be it in the gallery or at art fairs. In August 2020, we are thrilled to  be hosting his upcoming solo exhibition in our Aldeburgh Gallery and Robert is currently in the garden studio producing some stunning paintings from the exhibition...

Robert Kelsey' has been widely recognised for its focus and celebration of the Scottish Islands, rendered with sweeping perspective and a bright joyous palette. The artist has commented on his deep interest in light and its effects, a concept which he explores and articulates through his masterful technique. Robert's style is smooth yet full of movement, featuring vast skies arcing over electric blue waters and cool stretches of sandy coast. His palettes are expertly mixed and evenly applied, comprising balanced and pleasing compositions from the Scottish West Coast, East Anglia to sparkling Venetian canals and cityscapes.

Robert Kelsey Casting off Morar Oil on linen 12"x12" £1450 ENQUIRE/BUY NOW

We invite you to get in touch to learn more about Robert, his process and his upcoming exhibitions.

Please visit his artists page to see avaiable paintings.