Published: 15 November 2017

In light of our newest arrivals from sculptor Johannes von Stumm, today's article highlights the renowned artist's glass work. Thompson's Gallery have worked with von Stumm for years, exhibiting his sculptures in group exhibitions and on the stand at numerous art fairs. Von Stumm's sculpture is popular for its aesthetic quality, ingenuity, functionality, and experimental combination of materials.

New in Thompson's Gallery London are two von Stumm glass works: a multicolour puzzle sculpture titled 'Puzzle with Purple', and the richly balanced and blue 'Sea Circle'.

Pictured above: 'Puzzle with Purple' by Johannes von Stumm

'Puzzle with Purple' is unique for its moveable parts. Each coloured quadrant can slide free of the group, dividing the work into four smaller puzzle pieces if desired. 'Sea Circle' is a single unit, with three coloured sections comprising the whole.

Pictured above: 'Sea Circle' by Johannes von Stumm

View these and more delightful sculptures by artists like Carol Peace, Chris Buck, Tom Greenshields, Simon Bacon, Paul Vanstone and Angela Hunter in our London gallery.

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